Junmai Sake Dojima – Local Members


To express our gratitude for overwhelming local support over the past 4 years, Dojima Sake Brewery would like to offer local residents living in the postcode areas CB7, CB8 and IP28 the chance to buy our Dojima Junmai at the special price of £100 per bottle. People wishing to purchase this sake will need to be able to collect from the brewery in person.



Total of 500 bottles of Dojima Junmai will be made available to the local residents in one year from Autumn 2018, and this offer is limited to 2 bottles per household. You may occasionally have to wait for the next production in case we run out of stock.

The development of Dojima Sake Brewery at Fordham Abbey has taken 5 years from conception to completion. During that time we have been hugely grateful to receive the support of the local community and local tourist organisations. The unique magic and charm of Fordham Abbey and its estate have consistently attracted several visitors at our public consultations, sake events and our grand VIP opening on the 14th September 2018. Our stewardship of historic Fordham Abbey is something we take seriously, having pledged to undertake ongoing restoration work on the Grade II listed Georgian Manor house and the surrounding walled gardens.

Dojima Junmai is normally sold at £1000 per bottle, and comes with a privilege of being a member of Dojima Members Club, the most exclusive sake society. The members will be invited to annual Sake events as well as many Japanese art and cultural events here at Fordham Abbey. They will have access to members gardens, and also on event days they will have access to the members room in the 18th century manor house.

For the people living in the postcode areas CB7, CB8 and IP28, to express our thanks for your support, we would like to offer a limited number of our Dojima Junmai Sake at £100 per bottle.

Dojima Junmai Sake combines an opulent balance of sweetness, richness and acidity which makes for a very special first encounter. Opening the cap you are first greeted by a soft, sweet fragrance followed by the umami that comes from the rice, which gently fills the mouth and develops with the taste and fragrance of banana, mango and the sweetness of honey.

For £100 you’ll receive a 720ml bottle of Dojima Junmai Sake in a gift box and bag.


This offer expires on 20th December and a maximum of two bottles per household can be purchased. A condition of the offer is that you need to collect from Dojima Sake Brewery in person. We want you to see this amazing place to see where this unique and historic sake was brewed. You’ll need to bring some ID which proves you are a resident of CB7, CB8 or IP28.